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Venezuela is a patriarchal society, with an emphasis on men showing plenty of machismo. Men are expected to be the wage earners and prove their virility with numerous sexual liaisons. In addition, men openly stare at women in public and shout complimentary remarks, which the .

This unique Afro-Venezuelan tradition is several hundred years old, a colourful rite, full of spiritual and hidden magical meaning. The Dancing Devils have Hispanic roots, but also ties to indigenous Latin American shamanism and old African secret societies of magic. They dance around the main plaza of their towns and finally stop in front of the church door, where they kneel down to receive the priest’s blessing. The symbolism is clear, Christ has subdued Satan, good prevails over evil.

Of course, the church officials in former centuries reprimanded the Dancing Devils as expression of African heathens, but later they tolerated the ritual, because they were able to integrate it into the liturgy of Corpus Christi. Today, the Dancing Devils are a celebrated institution, attracting many tourists. This custom has become an integral part of Venezuelan folklore.

The historic background is not joyful, though, dating back to the slave system of colonial times, when black African slaves who protested against the rigid colonial system were ostracized by the predominantly white society. The first African slaves in Venezuela were Ewe-Fon, brought in by the Welsers, German bankers who had a concession to exploit Venezuela. Most European nations participated in the lucrative slave trade.

French, English, Portuguese and Spanish ships transported slaves to Venezuela. The Africans were treated as units of commerce. Prices were fixed according to their size and potential for hard labour. In the 18th century, large shipments of slaves went to Barlovento, state of Miranda, to work on cacao plantations, and to the area around Lake Maracaibo, state of Zulia, where they were used on the sugar cane plantations.

How a Politician Accused of Drug Trafficking Became Venezuela’s Vice President

Continue reading the main story The sanctions have now brought international scrutiny on Mr. As vice president, Mr. El Aissami wields newly decreed authority to expropriate businesses and lock up rivals seen by the leftist government as traitors. El Aissami is also accused of being a drug kingpin leaves him in the company of other top officials in the Venezuelan government.

The current interior and justice minister, Nestor Reverol, faces a federal indictment in Brooklyn charging him with assisting drug traffickers in Venezuela in his previous posts — tipping them off to raids, obstructing investigations and accepting bribes. They each face 10 years in prison.

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It also has the continent’s highest inflation rate. Mr Maduro has blamed the situation on an “economic war” waged by the opposition. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Henrique Capriles once ran for the presidency “The results are as we hoped. It’s irreversible,” tweeted in Spanish Henrique Capriles, a leading opposition figure in the Democratic Unity Roundtable and a former presidential challenger.

A new majority expressed itself and sent a clear and resounding message. The opposition alliance, made up of centrist and conservative parties, is confident of ultimately taking at least seats after 16 years of socialist control.

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We love people, we love difference, we love languages, we love our world! That’s why we are so passionate about cultural awareness. We want to share that love – that’s why we publish our award-winning culture guides for all, for free. Scroll on down to find your country of interest – unfortunately we don’t have every single country in the world but we are certainly working on it! To help us keep all this information free, we could do with your help.

We sincerely thank you if you are able to help. Culture is not static! It is important to bear in mind that these guides act as basic and general introductions only. They are not in any way definitive.

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Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space Venezuela’s spatial landscape is clearly demarcated between the urban and the rural. The city of Caracas, with its 4 million inhabitants (almost a fifth of the country’s total population) is the emblem of a modern elite and European-style existence.

So what causes such a powerful storm to develop in the same spot, up to nights a year? Scientists think the Catatumbo, named for a river that runs into the lake, is normal lightning that just happens to occur far more than anywhere else, due to local topography and wind patterns. Lake Maracaibo basin is surrounded by mountains that trap warm trade winds coming off the Caribbean.

These winds crash into cool air spilling down from the Andes, forcing them up until they condense into thunderclouds creating an average 28 lightning strikes per minute across a wide area — an energy burst that could power all the light bulbs in Latin America. A bolt of lightning lights up the night’s sky near the mouth of the Catatumbo River in Zulia, Venezuela History books show the lightning has played a significant role in Venezuelan history, helping thwart at least two nocturnal invasions of the country.

The first attempt was in when it illuminated ships led by Sir Francis Drake of England, revealing his surprise attack to Spanish soldiers in Maracaibo.


Nicolas Maduro Brazil is sending its armed forces to keep order near the Venezuelan border following violent clashes between local residents and thousands of Venezuelans fleeing economic collapse and turmoil in their country. President Michel Temer signed a decree to deploy the armed forces to the border state of Roraima following riots by residents earlier this month, who attacked Venezuelan immigrants in a border town.

He said the move was aimed at keeping order and ensuring the safety of the immigrants. The situation in Roraima, where most Venezuelans enter Brazil, has become increasingly fraught in recent months – its homicide rate has spiked this year and is now the highest in the country. As a result of the crisis in Venezuela , to Venezuelans enter Brazil every day, and President Temer also said that the authorities were discussing limiting that to between and as the border state struggles to cope with the influx fleeing the turmoil in Venezuela.

Residents in Brazilian border towns rioted and attacked Venezuelan immigrants in a border town earlier this month Credit:

Latin Lovers and Dating in Venezuela. September 8, Dating a local is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the culture. Misunderstandings will still crop up even if you both share a common language. Words have different meanings even within Latin America. Even if you are fluent in your partner’s second language you might not have the.

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Language in Ukraine Ukrainian is the official state language; it is a language of the East Slavic subgroup of the Slavic languages. The language shares some vocabulary with the languages of the neighbouring Slavic nations, most notably with Belarusian, Polish, Russian and Slovak. In its earlier stages it was called Ruthenian. Belarussians, Bulgarians, Poles, Hungarians and Romanians make up the other major minority groups.

Relationships, Marriage, & Family Life in Venezuela. WARNING: Violence is common in Venezeula, please read this travel warning before going!. Dating in Venezuela is fairly liberal, but generally speaking the man is expected to do all the work and the woman is expected to play hard to get.

I cannot believe the bias this woman has toward your services and others like it. Amy clearly has not been to South America and talked to the people and experienced the lifestyle. I am a young executive with a large international company. I fell in love with the city, its people, and the lifestyle. I have never seen such friendly people. I would hardly call these people impoverished. These people have tremendous pride in themselves and their country.

The Latin women I found were very kind and passionate, and not once did I feel like they were looking for a visa. Not only are these women beautiful, but many also have very high morals and values that we seem to have lost in North America.

Venezuela refugee crisis evokes darkest days of Europe in 2015, UN warns

A Loveless Legacy How do Nicaraguan men experience their sexuality? An audacious, pioneering and much needed study offers us some troubling answers and inescapable challenges. The socially constructed notion of what men and women should be like includes permissible expectations, values, behaviors and forms of relating, all of which is the stuff of gender models.

Two different social formations have coexisted in Nicaragua for a long time: The dominant system in Nicaraguan society has readapted gender models in accord with structural changes, and the structural crisis stemming from the revolution is, in fact, what gave rise to the most important changes that have taken place in the model of gender domination. The Liberal government that came to power in , however, anachronistically proposed to restore the cultural norms of the Spanish colonial period under Catholic Church doctrine, particularly regarding family, sexuality and reproduction.

If you are planning to marry a Venezuelan beauty, you have to learn a lot of things regarding their dating culture before you make a move. Most people would agree to .

It is always interesting to study other cultures and it is extremely important to do just that if you are going to have interactions with them. China is one of those interesting cultures mainly because what we usually know about the country is through movies or the local Chinese restaurant. Sincere study of a culture is the only way to truly appreciate the differences.

So, being an American what do I see as the 10 biggest cultural differences between the two countries? It took a long time to narrow it all down since we could get so detailed that an encyclopedia would be the end result. But the sweat over the computer paid off. These differences do not make either culture better or worse than the other one.

It just shows their differences which has been created through centuries of history and development.

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