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One trail head for the wilderness is only 15 miles by road from Santa Fe , the state capital. Wilderness Areas do not allow motorized or mechanized vehicles, including bicycles. Camping and fishing are allowed with proper permit, but no roads, buildings, logging or mining are permitted. Wilderness areas within National Forests and Bureau of Land Management areas allow hunting in season. History Little archaeological or historical research has been conducted within the Pecos Wilderness. However, researchers have found artifacts dating back to the Paleo-Indian Period 7, , B. Most artifacts found date back to the late Archaic period B.

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History[ edit ] Little archaeological or historical research has been conducted within the Pecos Wilderness. However, researchers have found artifacts dating back to the Paleo-Indian Period 7, , B. Most artifacts found date back to the late Archaic period B. These items have been dated back to late pueblo and Anasazi times. Ultimately, none of the sites surveyed display proof of long-term occupation.

Although, it is thought that use by indigenous people was seasonal and temporary. Groups would hunt and gather in the mountains during summer months and return to lower elevations in the winter. The first known occupation of the Pecos Wilderness began in with the colonization by Spain. During the next years they would push into the fertile lands that flanked the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range.

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Mar 04,  · The land on which the acre property rests has historic roots dating back to the Pecos Pueblo Indians of the early ‘s and later the Spanish colonials, starting in the ‘s. Fast forwarding to the 20th century, from , the land was utilized by the famous Valley Ranch, a dude guest operation, and from by Trappist monks.

History[ edit ] Montrose was originally envisioned as a planned community and streetcar suburb dating back to the early 20th century before the development of River Oaks. Link and his Houston Land Corporation envisioned a “great residential addition” according to the neighborhood’s original sales brochure. Link’s planning details for the area included four wide boulevards with the best curbing and extensive landscaping.

Montrose is going to lead the procession. Edgar Odell Lovett, the first president of Rice University. Modeled after the Ritz-Carlton in New York, the hotel cost over one million dollars to construct. The corner of Montrose and Westheimer was the site of regular demonstrations against the Vietnam War. Street vendors sold Space City!

Trans Pecos Mountains & Basins

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Those were the main narrative themes when the park was established as a national monument in — the same year the exhibit was created and the last time it was updated. The current flat panels are difficult to read for visitors using wheelchairs. A request for design proposals will be sent nationwide with the help of a NPS media support office. One of the most important changes for Latanich is making the space more interactive.

The new one will be ADA-compliant. One important change for inclusivity would be shifting the panels in the glass cases for artifacts to be angled instead of flat; Latanich said the flat panels are difficult for people in wheelchairs to read. And there could be more space between artifacts because some of the cases are too close together for people with disabilities to move through. Based on recent feedback, Latanich said, park staff knows visitors enjoy the timeline aspect of the current exhibit as well as its dioramas and authentic pots.

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You can get a beer at the first one, but if you see someone at the other one, check to see if you can see their reflection in your car’s mirror. Lindsay Baker’s Ghost Towns of Texas. According to this excellent book, Girvin was named after a ranch that was there when the railroad came through in The post office followed in and Girvin was officially named.

It prospered for about 20 years and then started its decline. It served as a shipping point for cattle and as a receiving point for oil drilling supplies. Lindsay reports that the number of students increased so fast that the new brick school was inadequate even before it was finished and some classes had to be held in a nearby lumber yard.

A new highway built just a mile away and the Great Depression stopped Girvin in its tracks. We stopped because it is also included in Counter Culture Texas. Click for our review.

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Usually in intimate association with these hooked implements of antler were found, in nearly every instance where the hooked implements were present, as exactly described later in this report, other objects, some of antler most of which were made from the base of the horn , some of stone Hereafter in this report, for convenience and not because we are fully convinced they are such, we shall designate the hooked implements as needles and the objects found with them as sizers.

We were aware that we had to face two probable objections in connection with our determination, namely, the orifices in the ends of the needles, and the perforations in the sizers, neither of which seem absolutely necessary for the use to which the needles and sizers were assigned. These are the findings which piqued Webb’s curiosity about the hooked antler implements and bannerstones.

Water: Over 7 miles of Pecos River frontage, with access at numerous places, including one with a campsite. Not only does the river provide fishing opportunity (and habitat for wildlife), but it also is great for canoeing, kayaking and tubing in a truly private and pristine setting.

This very private ranch has been in the same family since the s and includes a spectacular cut limestone home, custom built in the s. The headquarters area is nestled in a beautiful valley with live oaks, conjuring up images of famed Texas Ranger Capt. Jack Hays stepping out to greet a visitor on the screened porch. This is an incredible year-round recreational ranch paradise that offers both hunting and fishing, not to mention exploring for Native American artifacts or pictographs and enjoying the stars at night or the daytime views of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains.

Area Attractions and Location: The ranch is conveniently located near a variety of attractions and places of interest including Del Rio with restaurants, shopping, museums and the oldest winery in Texas, dating back to Lake Amistad offers some of the finest large lake bass fishing to be found in the USA. Specifically, the ranch is located about 8. This ranch features numerous access points to over 7 miles of the clear flowing Pecos River.

It also has incredible topography for safari style as well as spot and stalk hunting throughout the ranch! The varied terrain features numerous canyons with many draws holding live oaks amongst other native fauna. Saddles and gentle slopes are covered with common desert species of brush, native grasses and succulents.

Kidder’s Pecos Proposal

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Hueco Tanks occurs in the Chihuahuan Desert about 50 km northeast of El Paso, Trans-Pecos Texas (31° 55′ N, ° 2′30″ W), where small pools of rainwater accumulate in bedrock depressions. Permanent water at the Tanks has attracted both historic and prehistoric travelers.

Solid evidence about the native peoples who occupied the Trans-Pecos Mountains and Basins from to the early s is exceedingly sparse. Most of the data come from Spanish documents. Some additional information has come from the archeological remains of Indian camps dating to the early historic period, but most late sites are fragile and many have been covered by later buildings, destroyed by modern land use, stripped of artifacts by collectors, or have simply not been found and investigated.

So the documentary evidence is our principal source of information on the native peoples of the region at the time they were encountered by Europeans. Luckily, the Spanish were remarkable note-takers. During journeys taken by priests and the military, someone was assigned the task of keeping a journal that documented the events of each day.

Sometimes the entry is terse, noting only the leagues traveled that day a league is the Spanish measurement for distance, ca. Oftentimes, however, the journalist included details about the Indians encountered that day. When the travelers encountered Indians, the Spanish always sought information from them, both because native resistance to the Spanish presence was fairly common and it was important to know where enemies might be, and because, as the newcomers, the Spanish wanted to learn more about the land and the people ahead on the trail.

Consequently, using interpreters, they asked the Indians where they came from, where they were going, and anything they knew about other Indians in the vicinity or what the land was like further down the trail.

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A new post will be out with each newsletter, so keep your eyes peeled of the Peabody 25 tag! One fascinating document in the Peabody Museum archives is a page, hand-written proposal drafted by Alfred V. Kidder and addressed to the Trustees of Phillips Academy, which outlines his plan for archaeological exploration of Pecos Pueblo in New Mexico.

The site is believed to have been occupied between AD to AD, based upon ceramic dating. Speaking of which, there were craploads of interesting shreds littering the site (“craploads” is a technical measurement term I learned at the conference).

A researcher uses a portable x-ray fluorescence scanner to analyze the pigments of a Lower Pecos pictograph panel. Courtesy Karen Steelman But recent research is yielding new impressions of the ancient glyphs, revealing for example that prehistoric artists who painted in different styles used different ingredients for their pigments.

Karen Steelman, a specialist in archaeological chemistry at the University of Central Arkansas, came upon these findings with her colleagues while studying the pictographs of Seminole Canyon State Park in southwest Texas. With support from the archaeology nonprofit SHUMLA , the team used this technology on different styles and sizes of pictographs in order to compare results. But the same cave also bears pictures made in a simpler, smaller-scale style known as Red Linear — portraying stick-like figures of people and animals in more quotidian scenes, like hunting parties or fertility rites.

But all of the black paint used in Red Linear scenes in the same cave, and another nearby site, turned out to have been rendered in charcoal. Do the two styles and use of different pigment represent different cultural groups? Or are they different functions of art within the same society? This image of a deer was found to have been rendered in charcoal. Another black deer nearby, painted with manganese in the Pecos River style, was dated to CE, thousands of years more recent than the style was thought to have been used.

As the earliest known style in the region, Pecos River painting is thought to have been the fashion among Texas Paleoindians about 4, years ago, but radiocarbon dating of one such pictograph — a painting of a deer — was dated to around the year CE. Or is our radiocarbon date for the black deer an outlier?

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Geoblox Science Products Geoblox book correlations to the Texas TEKS Geoblox book correlations to the Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Ideas*.

At the same time the tornado was being sighted, power was going off to customers of American Electric Power in Balmorhea, Saragosa, Brogado and Verhalen. Power was restored to AEP customers in Balmohea about 11 a. Reeves County Emergency Management Coordinator Ricky Herrera said he believed the strongest part of the storm was across the line in Pecos County, despite the damage to the power lines around Verhalen and Saragosa. He added he was in the area until about 10 p.

Herrera said his department contacted home health care workers who have clients in the areas affected by the power outage. Hernandez said he believed the utility pole damage was limited to the Saragosa and Verhalen areas. The Weather Service also plans to look at the area to see if more than one tornado touched down. No damage was reported from that tornado. Forecasts called for the chance of severe weather through Wednesday, and severe thunderstorm warnings already had been issued by early Monday afternoon for Pecos County, as strong storms formed along a line between Fort Stockton and Imperial.

A total of 31 people died as a result of the storm, most of those coming when the tornado struck the Saragosa Community Center while graduation ceremonies were being held for Head Start students. The district currently is in a dispute with the company over delays in construction of a steel building at Red Bluff Lake, but said this was a different issue and approved the bill along with other accounts payable.

Police arrest two in probes of sex assault Pecos police arrested two men last week, in separate incidents involving alleged sexual assault on a child, both cases involving teenage victims. In the first, officers arrested Jose Paul Hernandez, 35, S. B, on May 17 at 6: