ISIS has turned the destruction of ancient artifacts into entertainment

My year-old grandson bought his year-old girlfriend of barely two months lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. I think this is very inappropriate. He thinks I’m a dinosaur. I think if you were his parent, then this would be a great “last call” bell, telling you that you’re about to have little to zero say in your son’s sex life. If you’re a grandparent but acting as his guardian, then that applies. If you’re a grandparent in a traditional grandparent role, then you’ve got very little to say here except as an academic exercise. Unless, that is, you’re able to communicate with him — as guardian or grand — not the judgmental aspect of your thinking, but the substance behind it.

Daily Mail Branded An ‘Open Sewer’ After Tabloid Launches Extraordinary Attack On The Guardian

Early years[ edit ] Manchester Guardian Prospectus, The Manchester Guardian was founded in Manchester in by cotton merchant John Edward Taylor with backing from the Little Circle , a group of non-conformist businessmen. They do not toil, neither do they spin, but they live better than those that do. Of the Ten Hours Bill, the paper doubted whether in view of the foreign competition “the passing of a law positively enacting a gradual destruction of the cotton manufacture in this kingdom would be a much less rational procedure.

Scott[ edit ] C.

Blind date: ‘There might have been a cheeky make-out session’.

Link Telstra’s Call Guardian cordless phone handsets, with built-in answering machine and call screening. You can record your own interrogation message to assure your friends that they’ve called the right number. If you’ve enabled Caller ID then you can create a whitelist of numbers which can bypass the Call Guardian so the phone rings as soon as they call.

If your friends like to block their outgoing number, they should put you on speed dial with in front of your number — so their number is visible when they call you. I haven’t spent any hands-on time with the Call Guardian, but judging from the manual it’s easy to add numbers to your whitelist. When you pick up the handset you can press 1 to accept the call, or press 2 to both accept the call and add them to your whitelist so they’ll get straight through next time.

It looks like you can also bring up a list of recent calls to add someone to your whitelist after you’ve finished talking. Advertisement Alternatively you can press 3 to add the caller to a blacklist of numbers you never want to hear from — which might be handy for dealing with persistent telemarketers or that crazy Ex who likes to hassle you at odd hours. Thankfully you can set the phone to automatically screen all international calls, or block calls according to the area code, which should filter out most unwanted calls.

This means you still need to keep your wits about you — don’t trust someone claiming to be from Microsoft who insists that there’s a virus on your computer. Just hang up on them, or maybe string them along if you’ve got a few minutes to spare — just don’t believe a word they say. Time wasted talking to you is time they might have spent ripping off someone else.

It’s easy to scoff at the Call Guardian if you’ve already abandoned your home phone, but it might make a lot of sense for some people.

Subtle Signs You Have a Guardian Angel

Moment Rumsfeld knew US was under widespread attack 09 Sep Indeed, since I had spent virtually my entire adult life here and taken British nationality, I generally referred to myself as an American-born Briton. For complex personal reasons, I did not even visit the land of my birth for more than 30 years after leaving it. September 11 made a bonfire of that little vanity. From that day, I became an American who lives in Britain.

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At Trafalgar and in the actions that immediately followed, the French and Spanish lost 24 ships of the line, more than Nelson commanded when he engaged. He was shot down by a sharpshooter in the tops of the French Redoubt-able, and died three hours later. Take care of poor Lady Hamilton. Nit-picking about these things is ridiculous. Nelson was a man of his time Afua Hirsch remains unmoved. He was exemplarily kind to black sailors who did good service on his ships, and in wrote another letter in support of a proposal by one of his own officers to employ free Chinese labour in the West Indies instead of slaves.

To most of us, all nit-picking about these things is ridiculous. Nelson was a man of his time. Without his genius at sea, it is conceivable that the tyrant Bonaparte could have prevailed over our ancestors. His towering virtues make his vices, among which conceit and nastiness to his wife were conspicuous, visible only through a microscope — one which is now in the hands of Afua Hirsch and her friends, whom I venture to guess know little and care less about the Napoleonic Wars.

I will offer them comfort, however, on another such case:

Daily Mail Branded An ‘Open Sewer’ After Tabloid Launches Extraordinary Attack On The Guardian

The Perryman Group is an economic and financial analysis firm based in Waco, Texas. Its study notes that the U. The feature is titled:

In this column The Guardian gets two of its readers to go on a date with each other, then asks them questions about how the date went.. And why is it so compelling?

Seeking to punish them for their crimes, Re sent his lion-headed daughter Sakhmet to put them in their place. She was so violent in her quest for vengeance, however, that Re soon realized he had made a mistake. In an attempt to pacify his ferocious child, the elder deity plied her with red beer, a soporific substitute for the blood she craved. Satisfied at last, Sakhmet curled up and fell asleep, the angry lioness becoming a peaceful cat.

Fittingly, a bust of Sakhmet is the first object that greets visitors as they enter ” Divine Felines: Dating back more than 3, years to the New Kingdom era, this granodiorite carving is one of hundreds commissioned by Amenhotep III. Delicate whiskers radiate from her mouth, and the texture of her ears suggests silken fur. Almost every artifact in Divine Felines, from chair legs to games pieces, and from tiny amulets to massive sculptures, suggests a similar degree of loving fascination.

Here, the show, which originated at the Brooklyn museum—has been organized to dramatize and demonstrate the various meanings that the people of Egypt once associated with cats. Instead, the connection between felinity and divinity derived from a careful observation of the way these animals comported themselves.

A cat protecting the house from mice. Or it might just protect kittens.

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Their team have undertaken the three peaks challenge, ran the Manchester 10k, completed the Tough Mudder event and undertaken the Snowdonia four peaks challenge. Along with an annual gala dinner and golf day which have been run in aid of the charity they have also had a group of men from the company conquer the heights of Kilimanjaro. The following year an all-female team from the company, led by Marnie Millard, CEO, also made the summit of Kilimanjaro, raising enough funding to buy two new minibuses for the charity.

From to , Jean was “Eva”, the writer behind Swipe Right, our online dating column. She knows a thing or two about both dating and (unfortunately) sexual misconduct.

You may recall I have used this column before to talk about homelessness and I, and my Labour Party colleagues, have repeatedly called on the Government to act to solve this crisis. But it is clearer than ever that we are being ignored. Last month, the Government published its long-awaited social housing green paper. In the wake of the devastating Grenfell Tower fire, Sajid Javid — then Communities Secretary — promised a green paper that would be ‘the most substantial report of its kind for a generation’.

What the Government have instead delivered is nothing short of an insult. There is not a single extra penny committed to building new, affordable, homes, and ministers have been forced to admit that this paper will not lead to the construction of a single new affordable homes. The long-awaited green paper is stuffed full of warm words that are devoid of any substance.

From Glee to Sean Hayes: Gay Actors Play Straight

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Unless you want to break yourself! A well structured and well planned training programme was an absolute necessity to ensure I was ready for the day. Now, me and running are best buddies. Supplementing our running with cross training can help to decrease the risk of injury through accumulative fatigue, increase running strength and power whilst going some way to bettering the individuals running efficiency making the main component of your regime that little bit better and maybe even, that little bit easier.

Fitness can sometimes become a little laborious and maybe even a little bit boring. Once this happens, the next thing that will follow is your motivation and your willingness to get out and do what needs to be done in preparation for your next race or event. Trying something different to your usual routine that will benefit your running could well be a very good decision and will help to break down the repetitive nature of your weekly routine.

Swipe my race: ‘If you’re only dating someone for their skin colour, you should consider why’