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But beside being super talented and better than us, celebrities also have weaknesses. One of those weaknesses is bad breath! Halitosis or bad breath affects about 20 percent of the population and that includes the famous population as well. There are certain celebs who are rumored to have bad breath and you will definitely be surprised when you hear who these people are! So in case you thought that celebrities have no flaws, prepare to change your mind because these celebrities are not famous for fresh and minty breath! It has not been an easy year for Ben Affleck, especially after his wife, Jennifer Garner left him.

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The sad thing is her boyfriend doesnt know she let black motherfuckers fill her up while he is busy at work trying to pay the bills! White bitches have no morals, this is why this site is so fucking popular! Felicia is this weeks dirty nasty whore, the video is very romantic by the way!!

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People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm Less than a year after signing with Jive, the group released their first single, “Description of a Fool”. People’s Instinctive Travels was initially met with mixed reviews. Count Dracula of The Village Voice called the album “upliftingly dope” and “so sweet and lyrical, so user-friendly. You could play it in the background when you’re reading Proust. After its release, White left the group for personal reasons.

Based around a sample from Average White Band ‘s “Love Your Life”, the song largely established the vocal interplay between Q-Tip and Phife; until then, most of the group’s songs had only featured vocals by Q-Tip. The songs were noticeably shorter, more abrupt, and bass-heavy.

The 10 best songs from Lauryn Hill

Just days earlier, Shanann and the couple’s daughters seemingly vanished from their home. Now, Christopher Watt’s former mistress is speaking out about the ordeal. During an interview with the Denver Post , Nichol Kessinger said Watts lied to her throughout their short relationship. The two, who worked together at Anadarko Petroleum, began dating over the summer. The woman was aware that Chris had a family, but as far as Nichol knew, Chris was a good dad who was about to be legally divorced.

Sep 18,  · Jho Low and Busta Rhymes in Low is 27, and by this point has already stolen billion dollars. It is unclear whether or not Busta Rhymes’ seatbelt is on.

November 28, Certainly you can’t believe everything you read. I always feel like there is some truth to a rumor. Now there are some allegations going around about his personal life. Read below for the full story and more! Sources say Busta Rhymes is having some major financial issues and is maxing out credit cards left and right. More info under the hood. His credit card most recently got declined at a 5 star hotel, some months back when he was checking in.

Now, there is a sex tape floating around with him and a well-known tranny. He is on the top. So they didn’t really understand what to do with me as of then. But he believed in me enough, he didn’t want to hurt my career, so he let me go, after that I went through a couple of label situations, it wasn’t looking too good. I always had this stop-and-go relationship with Chaka and Luda — That was the best contract I ever signed. Just being a rapper or whatever, that’s the best contract I ever signed.

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When it comes to carving out a place in the history books early on in their career, there very few wordsmiths who have solidified their legacies by the age of On the other hand, those same expectations can also cripple an artist and make them wilt under the pressure, as a number of artists can attest to. At the outset of the decade, when rap fans were looking for a new messiah to help move the culture forward, one of the prime candidates was Kendrick Lamar, a promising spitter hailing from Compton, California making noise with his mixtapes, Kendrick Lamar EP and Overly Dedicated.

Dre — who eventually took the young rapper under his wing — and the spotlight turned to his major label debut album, good kid, m. The King Kendrick Version: Could Be His Third Consecutive Classic Album When looking back at the more revered rap artists in hip-hop history, one common denominator shared by those that have earned legendary status as MCs is being the creator of multiple classic albums throughout their career.

Drake Shares Priceless JAY-Z Moment: “Guest List W/ Goats On It” – she’s dating someone else now New York rapper Nas is inching nearer and nearer to revealing what’s dropping this week.

The way she rattles off a string of alliterative plosive consonants will make you wet. And sonically, her sultry timbre and smoky pitch are a cool relief from the more shrill sounds of her rapping contemporaries. Though most label her a hip hop artist, she actually has very eclectic taste and style, making her music deliciously promiscuous in terms of genre.

Call me a stan, but I know her discography like the back of my hand. These are my personal 10 favorites, but go ahead and call me out in the comments! Strangers are smiling at you, because you basically dance like J-Lo. Of course the end of the night is a different story. It samples an instrumental track by a Dutch DJ and producer named Munchi, who sampled a hit song by Montell Jordan, who sampled a track by Jamaican-born artist Claudja Barry. Munchi added the pronounced synths to the chorus sections, which some people find a bit grating, but personally I think it adds a funky twist.

Azealia beautifully complements the tropical production with simple, smooth, and seductive verses while throwing a little more fire on the choruses. But somehow it works! The groove is oh-so catchy and totally danceable. Thematically, the song is about interracial dating.

List of Busta Rhymes – I’ll Do It All – The Big Bang Videos

He is an actor, record executive, and record producer, well known for his unique style, and fashion sense. His frenetic style of rap has led him to 11 Grammy Award nominations. Early life and education Tregor George Smith Jr. Rhymes is Afro-American in ethnicity and holds American nationality. He is of Jamaican heritage. He has a brother named Paul Smith.

Who are the top 50 rappers of all time?

Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Ah, to be a celebrity. Someone to respond to your every need and whim. In fact it’s easy to think that some celebrities have it all. But for some – there are things that are just out of reach.

Yes, they may have platinum selling albums and multi-million pound mansions, but there are a handful that are banned from entering the UK. It seems that all the glitter and rhinestones in the world won’t cut it with our Home Office if you don’t qualify for a visa. Courtesy of the Daily Post, here is a list of 11 celebs who have been denied access to Blighty over years, and why they’ll never get a chance to visit Manchester. Brown had been planning to do a tour of the UK as part of the European leg of his tour but this was later postponed.

The Home Office released an official statement at the time, saying:

Busta Rhymes

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email We may never know what it is truly like to wake up and know that your face and name is known around the world. They have tasted considerable success in their respective fields and may have bags of money in their bank accounts that we will never see in the entirety of our lifetimes, but having fame and success doesn’t automatically guarantee entry into Great Britain.

As far as border control is concerned, it doesn’t matter how rich and famous someone is when it comes to flying into the country. These are some of the famous faces that have at some point been banned from entering the UK. Read More Chris Brown Chris brown is not allowed to enter the UK After being sentenced to a community service order for assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna when hey were still together, Chris Brown’s application for a visa to enter the country was refused on the grounds of him “being guilty of a serious criminal offence.

The singer had been planning to do a tour of the UK as part of the European leg of his tour, but this was later postponed, according to The Daily Post.

Aug 07,  · Music video by Busta Rhymes performing #TWERKIT. (C) Cash Money Records Inc.

This song is conflicted, exploring the cruel things people do to each other in the name of love, which makes it a 2Pac song. He was a rapper that contained multitudes. Outkast Pimp C and Bun B are unromantic even by pimp standards. This song is not here because of them. Cappadonna, Shawn Wiggs, and Trife You can hear the unbridled joy when Ghost raps about Dawn, a woman whose mind and butt are equally impressive.

Dawn feeds her cat pink salmon and Poland Spring water, which may or may not be a metaphor. But then 50 Cent punched Ja in the eye and he never really recovered. They were arrested in the same incident. Also Snoop will assault anyone who talks to her. They should probably break up. This is how these men love the mothers of their children.

He perfectly understands his character.

Soul Train Awards ‘18

Huey Freeman[ edit ] Huey Freeman voiced by Regina King is a young, leftist, radical Black revolutionary and retired domestic terrorist. The Hateocracy”, and ” Or Die Trying “. He maintains an austere, yet strangely loving relationship with his brother Riley, and has shown the willingness to go out of his way to prevent his brother from succumbing to bad influences occasionally giving him some ” tough love “.

He and fellow choreographer WilldaBeast Adams did choreography together to the Busta Rhymes song “Twerk It.” CJ Salvador Popularity. Most Popular # Born on January 7 # Choreographer # First Name CJ #5. 27 Year Old Choreographer #3. CJ Salvador Is .

Misunderstood vocals formed a central strand of this week’s topic. They even have their own name — mondegreens, the word taken from a mishearing involving the Scottish ballad The Bonny Earl o’Moray. The Earl is dead and locals have “laid him on the green”. But a writer for Harper’s magazine, Sylvia Wright, heard the lyric as a child as “they have slain the Earl of Moray and Lady Mondegreen”. Wright was so enamoured of her coinage that she declared mondegreens to be “better than the original”.

One person’s improvement might be another’s unnecessary love interest, but it’s unarguable that mondegreens add uncertainty to songs’ meanings, and uncertainty is a form of complexity. So it’s not surprising to find that some of the songs on this weeks playlist are deliberately indecipherable. Cocteau Twins’ Aikea Guinea, for example, sounds as if it’s beng sung in a foreign tongue to a tune that’s constantly oscillating.

The spritely mood doesn’t match the written lyrics, which seem almost masochistic: Eno changed his mind about what the song’s title meant. He originally said it was a synonym for urination; later, he claimed the tuning on the lead guitar had made it sound like “a warm jet”. To go with the latter image, listening to this song feels like you’re on a runway as those jets are turned to full power.

Missy Elliott says she and Busta Rhymes are just “hype men” in new Super Bowl 52 commercials

His attitude is ‘go fuck yourself. And yet some still have a hard time understanding why “hip-hop” gets such a bad rap. Bustin’ the body of the guard of this

Busta Rhymes is also on this list thanks to Diddy who, as you probably remember, is also on this infamous list of celebs with bad breath. In , Diddy gave an interview in which he said that Busta Rhymes has some of the worst breaths in music business.

I try my best to know what I am talking about before condemning or speaking on a topic. So after reading the Alyssa Krumm story that has everyone up in arms, Jay-Z wearing a symbol that represents the 5 percenters, I decided to do a little more research. As I researched the story behind the 5 percenters, I learned quite a bit of detail, some of which was inconsistent with the other information. For instance, some folks believe that the FBI was heavily involved in the murder of 5 percenters founder, Clarence 13x, while others believe that his murder was carried out by the NOI, Nation of Islam the group, he was originally a part of, but left due to some religious disagreements on who or what God is.

There are a few hip hop artists who consider themselves 5 percenters, among those is Busta Rhymes. My man has his dates inaccurate, details wrong, and sorely disappointed me, and lost all credibility in regard to what he may know as a 5 percenter. That being said though, listen towards the 3-minute mark. Once again, I have no choice but to call people out on their hypocrisy. These guys openly state that they believe that they are superior to another race.

They openly state that they believe a group is the devil by nature.

List of American Muslims

From Christians to Jews and all stripes in between, many A-list celebrities have made interesting decisions to convert to Islam during early and later years in life. Another convert bites the dust! Famous for boxing, biting and owning a questionable face tattoo – this heavy-weight is less notorious for his religious beliefs than his ring-side antics.

Sep 25,  · Looks like the show will go on! Busta Rhymes has been busted out of a London airport detention center by a British High Court judge. For those of you who.

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